On time, every time.
The difference is professionalism.
Dedicated. Determined. Detailed. Dependable.

civil engineering

“An engineering project is like a chain, only as good as the weakest link–so starting strong is important.”

land surveying

“Your survey is the foundation of your project, you’d better make sure it’s 100% right.”

our safety message

“No one gets hurt,
nothing gets broken and
all the work gets done.”

On time, every time.

Since its North Carolina founding in 2002 as a 
construction surveying company, 4D Site Solutions has
 had a singular focus: delivering competitively priced 
quality engineering and surveying projects on time,
 every time. As basic as that sounds, actually doing it is 
quite an achievement in the world of civil engineering 
and land surveying. And it’s something to which the 3 
principals of 4D are committed. Over the years, they’ve brought 
that commitment to civil engineering, drafting, mapping, planning, 
land surveying, and construction layout projects.