drafting & mapping

“An accurate map isn’t a guarantee that your project will have no problems, but it’s close.”

Drafting and mapping touch every aspect of an engineering or surveying project. Mistakes, cost overages, change orders, and more can be avoided through accurate interpretation and presentation of data. Accurate plans/maps are crucial components that play an important role in site preparation.

For that reason, the 4D Site Solutions philosophy has always been to put significant emphasis on this critical part of the project. Based on our decades of drafting experience, our maps and plans spell out every detail, communicating clearly, effectively and concisely.

Our tools for mapping and drafting success

  • Custom built, top end, triple monitor computing
  • Extensive CAD standards and standard maps library
  • High accuracy data collection and coding
  • Photo/video feed from site to office
  • Wide format scanners and printers

Types of mapping projects we handle

  • Alta maps
  • Boundary maps
  • Recombination maps
  • Subdivision maps
  • Master planning exhibits
  • Conceptual plans
  • Exhibit maps

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